DarleyGo is the world’s first mythical-based NFT horseracing game built on Solana that allows players to purchase, race, collect, and breed NFT horses.  DarleyGo combines the fun of horseracing with imaginative game lore and turns it into an engaging, fast-paced game.


Race For Glory and Honor

Race against other active players in regular or special racing events for glory and honor while earning tokens. The player can race up to 12 other active players in each competition. 

Cloud Left
Castle of Training Mode


Discover Your Horse’s Ability

Compete in training drills with either AI DarleyHorses or other players’ horses to level up your own horses’ skills and experience. Finish specific training courses to unlock ability badges while earning tokens in return!


Breed Your Own Horse Build Your Own Stables

Breed your own NET horse! It requires extensive research and complete understanding of your horses’ pedigree and ability to be successful in the breeding industry – just like in the real world of horseracing.


GXE Token


Mainly used for transactions like race entry fees, mission, prize pool rewards, breeding, and the in-house marketplace.

DGE Token


DarleyGo's governance token used for breeding, special race rewards, staking, voting, and other exclusive access in the future.


Phase 1: Design, Concept Proof

(Q4 2021)

Design/Art Direction
Game Design (UX/Game Logic)
Proof of Game Concept

Phase 2: Collect, Race, Earn

(Q1 2022)

Genesis Horse Sales Event
Alpha Game Launch with Racing Mode
Collect & Trade NFT Horses

Phase 3: Train & Breed

(Q2 2022)

Trainer Mode Release
Breeding Mode Release
Team Racing Mode & Tournament

Phase 4: Experience Enhance

(Q3-Q4 2022)

Mobile App Version Launch
NFTS Collaboration
Galaxy Mode (Detail TBA)